EU-VET CARE project


The EU-VET CARE project aims to design and implement innovative vocational training on the appropriate delivery of health-care for migrant/refugee children. More specifically, it aims to strengthen key competencies in vocational education and training and to develop high quality skills among people working in the delivery of health care to these vulnerable populations.

Thus, the specific objectives of the program are:

  • to enhance professional capacity to respond to the needs and specific health/social issues that most affect migrant/refugee children
  • to enhance partner capabilities so as to develop and deliver training to professionals working with migrant/refugee children
  • to increase awareness of the relevant professional communities and organizations on the training
  • to raise awareness about the necessary interdisciplinary collaboration.

The training that will be deployed includes interdisciplinary and specialized training packages, an e-learning platform, face-to-face training activities, courses etc. It will provide opportunities for continuous professional development of the target groups (e.g. physicians, psychologists, social workers and cultural mediators) addressing the most important aspects of health care for migrant/refugee children and unaccompanied minors such as: Children’s rights/protection systems, effective communication, mental/physical health needs, prevention, child trafficking, age assessment, professionals’ burnout etc.

The e-learning course “Strengthening capacities for better health care to refugee and migrant children” made available for the next 12 months has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME, of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).

This means physicians will be able to earn 21 CME credits (ECMEC®), 1 for every estimated hour of learning activity, provided that they have completed the  modules and have passed the relevant assessment.
In particular the interdisciplinary course provides 15 CMEs, and the specialized course 6 CMEs.

    Available courses

    IO3 - Interdisciplinary

    The course is open to all professional profiles. The course topics...

    IO4 Specialized - Cultural mediators/interpreters

    This course is dedicated to cultural mediators. The course topics ...

    IO4 Specialized - Physicians

    This course is dedicated to physicians. The course topics are: ...

    IO4 Specialized - Psychologists

    This course is dedicated to psychologists. The course topics are: ...

    IO4 Specialized - Social workers

    This course is dedicated to social workers. The course topics are:...

    IO3 - Fachübergreifend

    Dieser Schulungskurs steht Fachkräften aller Fachrichtungen offen. ...

    IO4 Fachspezifisch – Kulturmittler*innen/Dolmetscher*innen

    Dieser Kursteil ist Kulturmittler*innen gewidmet. Themenbereiche d...

    IO4 Fachspezifisch – Ärzt*innen

    Dieser Kursteil ist Ärzt*innen gewidmet. Themenbereiche des Kurses...

    IO4 Fachspezifisch – Psycholog*innen

    Dieser Kursteil ist Psycholog*innen gewidmet. Themenbereiche des K...

    IO4 Fachspezifisch – Sozialarbeiter*innen

    Dieser Kursteil ist Sozialarbeiter*innen gewidmet. Themenbereiche ...


    Το σεμινάριο είναι ανοιχτό για όλα τα επαγγελματικά προφίλ. Οι θεμ...

    ΙΟ4 Εξειδικευμένο – Πολιτισμικοί μεσολαβητές/διερμηνείς

    Το σεμινάριο αυτό απευθύνεται σε πολιτισμικούς διαμεσολαβητές. Οι ...

    ΙΟ4 Εξειδικευμένο – Γιατροί

    Το σεμινάριο αυτό είναι αφοσιωμένο στους γιατρούς. Οι θεματολογίες...

    ΙΟ4 Εξειδικευμένο – Ψυχολόγοις

    Το σεμινάριο αυτό είναι αφοσιωμένο στους ψυχολόγους. Οι θεματολογί...

    ΙΟ4 Εξειδικευμένο- Κοινωνικοί Λειτουργοί

    Το σεμινάριο αυτό είναι αφοσιωμένο στους κοινωνικούς λειτουργούς Ο...

    IO3 - Interdisciplinare

    Il corso è aperto a tutti i profili professionali. Gli argomenti t...

    IO4 Specialistico - Mediatori culturali/Interpreti

    Questo corso è dedicato ai mediatori culturali. Gli argomenti del ...

    IO4 Specialistico - Medici

    Questo corso è dedicato ai medici. Gli argomenti del corso sono: ...

    IO4 Specialistico - Psicologi

    Questo corso è dedicato agli psicologi. Gli argomenti del corso so...

    IO4 Specialistico - Operatori sociali

    Questo corso è dedicato agli operatori sociali. Gli argomenti del ...

    IO3 - Interdisciplinario

    El curso está abierto a todos los perfiles profesionales.  Los tem...

    IO4 Especializado – Mediadores/intérpretes culturales

    El curso está dedicado a mediadores culturales. Los temas del curs...

    IO4 Especializado – Médicos

    El curso está dedicado a médicos. Los temas del curso son: trab...

    IO4 Especializado – Psicólogos

    El curso está dedicado a psicólogos. Los temas del curso son: t...

    IO4 Especializado – Trabajadores sociale

    El curso está dedicado a trabajadores sociales. Los temas del curs...